Narrative, life history and politics

Banksy‘HIV and political narratives’, in Goodson and Andrews, Routledge international handbook on narrative and life history, 2016.

Narratives across media as ways of knowing – Squire and Elliott, with Davis, Esin, and O’Connell

Barbara Kruger 5

Special section of FQS on ‘Narratives across media’

Goodbye sailor

…you sat behind a million pair of eyes

And told them how they saw



How a lexicon of loss leads us home


…I have learned

All words befitting of blood’s court to break

The rule; I have learned all the words to take

The lexicon apart for one noun’s sake,

The compound I must make:


Mahmoud Darwish, ‘I am from there’, trans A. Foreman



Remembering a friend

IMAGE_127Berlin ‘Tiergarten’

Tributes to Simon Barratt (1947-2014), who first encouraged me to read feminist books and US poetry, watch Andy Warhol films, go to Paris, and go to university. ┬áHere’s to his as yet unpublished ‘Praying to the gods in Berlin’.


Recipes for mothering

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Recipes for mothering

Partial secrets

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